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Troy neighborhood upset about new house for alcoholics | News

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Troy neighborhood upset about new house for alcoholics

TROY - People in one Troy neighborhood are all upset about a rehab residence for alcoholics planned for their area.

That so-called "Wet House" on Hill Street is permanent residence for sixteen hard-core alcoholics who not only will be allowed to drink on-premises, but the residence itself might pay for the booze if the alcoholics are not working.

These are people in the advanced stages of alcoholism, very little hope that they can get off booze.

Well, not only do critics say "not in my backyard," but they claim that this approach is really allowing these people to kill themselves off

Joseph's House is a social services agency that already provides either overnight shelter or something more permanent for nearly 100 homeless people with addiction problems.

Joseph's House is now planning a so-called Wet-House in the old funeral home.

Joseph's house says the tenants must pay for their own booze, and 30 percent of their paychecks for rent, but that's all assuming that they are working, and many, if not most of these folks are not working, they get social security disability. 


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